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Upcoming Products

We're excited to offer the latest product releases. Our Coming Soon section features the products that are on their way to us.

Keep informed

Each product listed in this section includes an estimated arrival month, which is subject to change. We do our best to update these estimates as soon as we receive new information. Deliveries are booked in only a few days prior to arrival, so we would not have further knowledge with release dates.

Images and other details

Packaging images may differ by region globally. We are supplied with US images in advance of release, however the product may not arrive with US packaging. All other product details may be updated as they are announced or sent to us, including images, accessories and related information.

Chase variants

Note that chase versions are usually randomly packed, so we are unaware of quantities until the series arrives. Chase versions, where available will be made available shortly after the general release of the series. These can include WWE Elite Collection, WWE Legends, AEW Unmatched Collection and AEW Unrivalled Collections.