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Orange Cassidy - AEW Unrivaled Collection Series #3

Orange Cassidy - AEW Unrivaled Collection Series #3

Action Figure
VAT included.

Orange Cassidy’s first-ever action figure is here with the AEW Unrivaled Collection! This celebrates Cassidy’s appearance on AEW Dynamite when he went face-to-face with Chris Jericho from June 24, 2020.

Featuring deluxe articulation highlighting Orange Cassidy’s unique look, including his light blue ripped denim jeans, matching denim jacket and iconic white self-portrait t-shirt all in amazing detail. Accessories include the option to remove the soft goods denim jacket and t-shirt as one with Velcro and his trademark sunglasses. And perhaps most importantly, there are interchangeable hands to recreate Orange Cassidy’s trademark hands in pockets pose and Velcro his legendary half thumbs up.

The rivalry between “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy and “Le Champion” Chris Jericho exploded on AEW Dynamite on 24th June 2020. The week before on AEW Dynamite, Cassidy cost the Inner Circle a chance to take on the World Tag Team Champions by masquerading as a cameraman and knocking Jericho out the ring. “The Demo God” was still fuming the following week, mocking Cassidy and proving that he had really gotten under his skin. In a one-on-one confrontation, Jericho smashed Orange’s sunglasses and the usually super laid-back Cassidy erupted into a rage never seen by AEW fans before. Proving he was not intimidated by Jericho by pounding him with fists, he then took the fight into the stands. Jericho fought back by nailing Cassidy with a TV camera busting him wide open but Cassidy showed real fight by slamming Jericho’s head into a rail and running down the arena steps and blasting Jericho with a Superman punch, sending him crashing right through a table! With his crimson mass spilled across his t-shirt, Cassidy composed himself, put on his sunglasses and showed the AEW fans the thumbs up, proving that he had not run out of juice and was ready for a fight!

Orange Cassidy made his debut for AEW during their inaugural event Double or Nothing on the May 25, 2019 when he interrupted the Casino Battle Royale and quickly became AEW’s first break out star. Cassidy and his trademark laid back attitude is one of the most unique looks and styles in all of wrestling. He is commonly referred to as "The King of Sloth Style" due to his slow movement and lackadaisical attacks. One of his signature moves is very light taps to the opponent's shins, dubbed the "Kicks of Doom”. Cassidy however, knows how to turn it on when it matters, proving he’s no slacker by pulling out a plethora of moves from his arsenal with incredible athleticism, including a plancha with no hands! Backed up by his ‘Best Friends’ Chuck Taylor and Trent, Cassidy never backs down from a fight, even if the odds are against him in wars against the Inner Circle, or on his own in battles against the likes of PAC, Ray Fenix or even Cody Rhodes. Arguably the most popular wrestler in all of AEW, the aloof Cassidy delights fans every time he makes an appearance. He’s a real-life story that you can be yourself and make it to the top… thumbs up!

AEW Unrivaled Collection figures capture all the excitement and action in these authentically detailed and scaled collectible action figures. Pro wrestling is back with All Elite Wrestling!

AEW Unrivaled figures feature 25 points of articulation, real 3D scanned likenesses and a variety of accessories and authentic ring attire as seen on AEW television.

  • 25 points of articulation
  • Authentic 3D scanned likeness
  • Ring accessories with authentic attire
  • Collector packaging
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Customer Reviews

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Verified review

Fantastic figure, my son loves it

David K.
Verified review

Perfectly represents Orange Cassidy and has a fun pocket feature

Ivan R.
Verified review

Great figure in excellent condition!

Jayden S.
Verified review

Great figure in excellent condition. Good quick delivery

Paul C.
Verified review

Fantastic figure. My son loves it. Reasonable price and quick delivery. Website is very user friendly and will use again.

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